Need care during the outbreak? Learn how DHPV can help

Need care during the outbreak? Learn how DHPV can help

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A Cheaper Genetic Breast Cancer Test

The New York Times is reporting that a Silicon Valley startup is currently developing a new saliva test to screen women for breast cancer.  Color Genomic’s test can be completed for about one tenth of the cost of other available genetic screenings, coming in at $249.  The test analyzes 19 different genes, including BRCA 1 and BRCA2, the two primary genes were breast cancer mutations can occur.

According to Elad Gil, chief executive of Color Genomics, by developing this low cost test, it allows women to be able to pay out of pocket for the test if it is not covered by their insurance.  Skeptics argue that analysis, interpretation and patient counseling are important factors in the testing that won’t be covered in the $249.

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