Study indicates working from home reduces stress.

Study indicates working from home reduces stress.

Dr. Steven J. Lipsky MD, FACEP

In today’s society, the challenge of balancing work and family priorities can be stressful. Whether you work in a job that requires 24/7 attention or you work from home, the increase in demands can leave an employee feeling pulled in multiple directions and questioning who should receive more attention, work or family. The New York Times (8/24, BU4, Korkki, Subscription Publication) recently released the results from a study by The American Sociological Review examining whether the stresses of work-life conflicts could be eased if an employee was given more flexibility over their schedule and work location. The study reported that employees who were given flexibility in their schedules felt happier, less stressed, had more energy and used their time more effectively. However, for this flexible schedule to succeed it must have full managerial and department support. The study was financed by the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Steven Lipsky

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