New, Non-Surgical Treatment Eases Knee Pain from Chronic Arthritis

New, Non-Surgical Treatment Eases Knee Pain from Chronic Arthritis

For people who are struggling with chronic knee pain from arthritis, but are unable to get surgery, there is a new treatment that could help bring relief. According to NBC News, the FDA recently approved a treatment called “cool radio frequency ablation”, or “COOLIEF”. COOLIEF is a minimally-invasive treatment option for patients with severe arthritis in the knee, but who do not want to or cannot undergo a knee replacement surgery. COOLIEF does not eliminate arthritis in the knee, but instead relieves pain and helps patients get back to their regular activities. In this procedure, radio frequency is used to “target and mute the nerves responsible for sending pain signals from the arthritic knee to the brain.”

A 2016 Study compared COOLIEF to other popular cortisone injections. The study found that patients using COOLIEF found greater and longer lasting pain relief than those using cortisone injections. Another study from 2017 found that 74% of the patients who were treated with COOLIEF found a pain reduction of at least 50% at six months after the procedure.  “This study proves that COOLIEF* provides more lasting relief than steroid injections for patients suffering from chronic osteoarthritis knee pain,” says Dr. Timothy Davis, founder and medical director of Orthopedic Pain Specialists in Santa Monica, California. “Many patients are not immediate candidates for knee replacement surgery and other patients choose to delay surgery. It’s important that these patients know they have other options for treating their chronic pain so they can get back to their normal lives faster.”


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