FDA Still Reviewing Safety Data on Spray-on Sunscreens.

Spray-on sunscreen is quick, easy and convenient but is it safe and effective? In short, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t even know. The safety and effectiveness of spray-on sunscreens has come under question by the FDA not only for the risk of consuming airborne particles but also for the effectiveness of the product being applied to the skin. In August, the New York Times (8/22, Saint Louis) “Well” blog responded to the safety question, highlighting concerns that harmful particles in spray-on sunscreens can spread and inhaled, or even get into one’s eyes. Recently, with the number of spray-on sunscreens increasing, the FDA is asking product makers to demonstrate their effectiveness and safety over rub on sunscreens. They are also urging product makers to add warning labels advising consumers to avoid breathing in the product and warn consumers about the risk of burns when applied near an open flame. The Environmental Working Group, an advocacy organization dedicated to promoting healthier lives for all Americans, has also responded to the issue warning consumers to avoid all spray-on sunscreens of any particle size, especially ones that use mineral ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which they say may pose problems if inhaled.”

Dr. Steven Lipsky

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