New Flu Treatments on the Horizon

There are some new methods of preventing and treating the flu, which could be available in the coming year. A company in Osaka, Japan called Shionogi & Co. Ltd. has announced that an experimental drug called baloxavir marboxil has been able to reduce the virus to undetectable levels, effectively killing it within 24 hours for half of the 414 individuals who were involved in their study.

This drug has shown itself to be more effective than the popular antiviral called Tamiflu that many people use to fight the flu. While Tamiflu could also destroy the virus in the same period, it was only effective for 9% of 346 patients who participated in the research. The new experimental drug works on the flu in a different manner, and it has shown itself to be effective against strains of the flu that are resistant to Tamiflu. It also worked against avian flu strains. They believe that patients will only need a single dose of the experimental drug compared to the multiple doses of Tamiflu.

Other methods of killing the flu virus are on the horizon, as well. These include the use of UV light, aerosol technology that can remove the disease particulates from the air, including influenza germs, and drugs such as pimodivir for dealing with resistant viruses.


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