Heat Safety Tips for the Paradise Valley and Phoenix Area

We just lost a foreign visitor today in Phoenix to Heat Intolerance Syndrome who was hiking on Camelback Mountain and fell into a ravine – triple digit heat is serious!

If exercising or working outdoors from sunrise to sunset, please remember to drink a quart of fluid every hour! Alternate between true electrolyte solutions and water.  Eat salty foods, but never salt tablets.  Make sure you’re urinating at least every 3-4 hrs, and clear to pale yellow in color, or you’re not getting enough fluids.

Protect your head with a hat, and apply both UVA and UVB blocking sunscreen (not needed greater than SPF 30) at least every 2 hours to exposed skin when sweating or swimming.

If you develop a headache, nausea, weakness, or clammy skin,  you’re developing Heat Intolerance Syndrome—Heat Exhaustion.  Get into a cool, protected place immediately and then rest, increase fluid intake, and try 2 Tylenol and/or 2-3 Advil (or equivalent).  If this does not help, or if you become confused or stop sweating despite increasing temperature, you’re moving into “Heat Stroke” which can be life threatening!!!  Get to the nearest E.R. immediately or call 911.

We here at Doctor Housecalls of Paradise Valley can administer i.v. fluids, vitamins, analgesics, and antiemetics to you, in the comfort and privacy of your home or business daily – and we have plenty!!!!

Please call anytime!  (480) 948-0102

All the Best, and Stay Safe,

Steve Lipsky MD, FACEP

Owner/Mgr., Doctor Housecalls of Paradise Valley

Dr. Steven Lipsky

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