2 Teaspoons of Salt a Day is Too Much for Your Heart

2 Teaspoons of Salt a Day is Too Much for Your Heart

The typical American diet contains too much salt, and it is a direct cause of heart problems. A US Study suggests that the amount of salt each American adult eats a day is enough to damage the heart muscle and make it more difficult to pump blood. It is already well known that a high-salt diet is linked to an elevated risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure. This study reinforces that, but draws a direct correlation between daily intake of salt and heart problems.

In the study, the people who ate two teaspoons of salt a day were “more likely to have enlargement in the left chambers of the heart that are responsible for pumping oxygen-rich blood into the body” in comparison to people who ate less than two teaspoons of salt a day. They were also more likely to have a muscle strain in the heart.

This study makes it very clear that American adults should cut back on their daily salt intake. To be on the safe side, adults should try to eat less than 2 grams of salt every day.


Dr. Steven Lipsky

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